Project Type: Historical Documentary film project


CANAIRELIEF was the Canadian people’s response to the humanitarian crisis that occurred between 1967 and 1970 during the NIGERIAN CIVIL WAR popularly known as THE BIAFRAN WAR.

Because of the controversial nature of this war, not much about it is known by even Nigerians. It is not taught in schools and so for the most part, I grew up fascinated by the war.

After moving to Canada in 2014 and discovering, by chance, the enormity of the BIAFRAN AIRLIFT MISSION and the role played by Canadians in what would become the largest non-governmental war relief effort in human history; helping to save an estimated one million souls; my fascination came full circle and I was compelled to begin the journey of making this film.

I am telling this story as someone who indirectly benefitted from the CANAIRELIEF mission and probably wouldn’t be here if not for it;

  • to commemorate the 50TH anniversary of CANAIRELIEF and all the people and organizations who conceived and birthed this ambitious effort;
  • to pay a much-deserved tribute to the brave women and men who risked life and limb to fly and distribute food and medicines into the war devastated Biafra;
  • to remember the over two million Biafran and Nigerian lives, most of whom were children, lost in the war and of course;
  • to honor the thousands of Canadians who donated their time and money to this great relief mission.

Facilitating & Funding Partners

  • Commons Studio – A part of The Working Centre, Kitchener ON | The Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • Ontario Arts Council | Region of Waterloo Arts Fund | E. H. Johnson Committee